Zaanse Schans

A visit to the Zaanse Schans is always an experience, but at HollandTravelGroup you can choose: Day tour by road or a unique tour by boat from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans..

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Zaanse Schans

Our private boat tours from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans sail along many beautiful sights. Fortunately, many of the beautiful old colossi have been saved by giving them a new destination.

A unique tour in Holland.

Old factorys

If you take one of our boats on the Zaan, you have the best view of the former Verkade factory, soap factory De Adelaar, the old Honig factory and all those other impressive buildings.

All brands you know from the past.


At HollandTravelGroup you can, together with the captain, adjust your sailing route between the Amsterdam IJ and the vast Alkmaardermeer yourself.

You book a private tour with a private captain.