Boat tours

All our captains are experienced and the best host on water.

They are flexible during the tours, so together with the captain you can still decide to give a tour a different twist.

Your captain always speaks English and will ensure that you will never forget a day on the water in the Netherlands.

Your captain

Drinks and snacks on board

On board our luxury boats you will receive delicious drinks and snacks.

Dutch cheese, Dutch Heineken beer, glass of delicious wine or rose always tastes a lot more pleasant on the water.

Do you book well in advance and are you vegetarian or do you follow a special diet due to illness. Please indicate this.

It's really the hours of your holiday, on the water in Amsterdam or discover the country side around Amsterdam.

Sailing along the country side to Amsterdam is really a beautiful thing to do.

Narrow rivers, windmills, farms with cows and the landscape will bring you into an oasis.

Amsterdam/Country side